Posters — Various

Samples of poster design work, including client commissions as well as other projects.

Coranto 2

Poster design for TypeTogether in July 2011 showing the typeface Coranto 2 by Dutch type designer Gerard Unger. As Coranto 2 is primarily a newspaper face, my goal was to have a design suggestive of the mixed size and font-styles of newspapers in a playful, bold and dynamic way. I chose orange as the main colour, being the national historic colour of Holland. The poster is available via TypeTogether Merchandise and more pictures are displayed on their flickr set.

440 x 690 mm, 2-colour offset print on Munken Lynx 130g stock.

Claire Coullon // Posters Claire Coullon // Posters Claire Coullon // Posters Claire Coullon // Posters


Poster design for TypeTogether for their Adelle typeface as part of the Tokyo Type Director Club's Annual Awards exhibition 2010. The requirements were one main poster showing the entire typeface in a visually appealing way and two specimen posters in a more restrained style showing full character sets, OpenType features and language samples. Restricted to black and white, I used size contrast to create an eye-catching, striking impression and accentuate the central content. Exhibition picture below right from the TypeTogether flickr set.

A2, black & white.

Claire Coullon // Posters Claire Coullon // Posters

Hong Kong

Poster design for the Hong Kong edition of the collaborative project Show Us Your Type by Neue, October 2010. The overall theme being typography and cities, the goal for this particular project was to represent the city of Hong Kong typographically using only the letters from its name.

The design features Hong Kong's initials in some hand lettering that was first drawn with brush & ink. The style of the letters, both overall style and stroke details, is reminiscent of Chinese calligraphy. The letters also have a modern feel to them, demonstrating the balance between modernity and traditional characteristic of Hong Kong culture. The vertical arrangement of the letters suggest Chinese writing and hint at the fact that Hong Kong is one of the most vertical cities in the world.

Claire Coullon // Posters